Entry Requirements: A valid passport and a visa or tourist card are necessary to immigrate to Venezuela. Tourist Cards are provided by the airlines on international flights to Venezuela.

Climate: There are no marked seasons in Venezuela and Margarita Island. The temperature on the island varies from 33º C in September and 29 º C in January. We recommend being cautious when exposing to the sun, because radiation is stronger as in places with similar location.

Extension: The island has a surface of 940 km2. It is well worth to drive arround it and discover all its charm. Generally the roads are good, the largest north-south extension is 33 km, and maximum east-west distance is 64 km.

Population: Approximately 600.000 inhabitants.


Currency: Legal currency is Bolívar Fuerte (BF).

Currency restrictions: Money exchange is done at Exchange Houses only at the official exchange rate. There is also a black market witch is not secure and illegal

Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and American Express cards are accepted in almost all shops, stores, restaurants, hotels, bars and night clubs, as well as traveler checks. Credit cards are accepted by most tourist establishments. Outside of larger cities a good supply of Bolívar is required.

Tips: Bills from restaurants, bars and clubs include a 10 % service fee. It is still customary to tip attentive services of waiters, tourist guides, maids and bell boys.

Water: Tap water is not recommendable for human consumption. It is preferable to drink only Mineral Water or filtered water.

Transportation: Public transport in Margarita will take you everywhere on the island at a real moderate cost. It is the best way to move within the city of Porlamar (Fares not expensive), but to travel from one town to another one it is very slow, because no stops are respected and the driver will stop wherever a passenger asks to.

Drug Penalties: All citizens are subject to the laws of the country they are visiting. Penalies for possession, use and commercialization of illegal drugs are strict and harsh. People convicted for drug related crimes must expect long prison sentences and large fees. The conditions in the prisons are extremely hard.

Electricity: Voltage on Margarita Island as well as in the rest of Venezuela is 110 Volts.

Country code for Venezuela: +58

Area code for Margarita Island: 295

High Season: December to April and June to September.

Low Season: Rest of the year.


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