Margarita island, Playa-parguito, Venezuela

Margarita Island "Pearl of the Caribbean"

Venezuela is about three times the size of Germany and houses approximately 22 millions of people. It is divided politically into 23 states; one of them is your vacation destination, Margarita Island.

Margarita Island forms together with the islands Coche and Cubagua the State Nueva Esparta. It belongs politically and culturally to Venezuela, fact that distinguishes it to the Large and Small Antilles. A shellfish named Pinctada Margaritifera is to be hold responsible for its nickname Pearl of the Caribbean. This shellfish was an important factor for the local economy for more than 500 years – into the 60ies of the last century.

Nowadays, tourism is the most important economical factor on the Island. But clocks seem to turn slower here because of the climate and the mentality. Smaller inconveniences may happen, as in any country with its touist industry in recent development. The natives make up for it with charm, warmth and an incredible talent for improvising.

Margarita Island is about 40 km from the mainland. It is composed by two parts of different sizes: the heavily populated east with the central mountain range La Sierra and the touristy sectors as Playa El Agua, Pedro Gonzalez, Porlamar and Juan Griego and the almost unpopulated west, the peninsula Macanao with its mile-long cactus fields. Both parts are unified by a land bridge, that is the heart of National Park La Restinga, a 10.700 ha large salt water lagoon, where the mangrove woods have formed serpentine canals and tunnels, some of them covered by dense vegetation.

You may discover the hidden beauties of the island in two days by car or by bus. Let the island surprise you!

By the way: Colon supposedly has seen the island, but he never landed on it!

Margarita Island
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